Monday, May 16


Mexico's Foreign Relations Secretary, Luis Derbez, has spewed more propaganda in the wake of Presidente Vicente Fox's impolitic remarks invidiously contrasting the dignity and work ethic of Mexican emigrants to those purportedly lacking in Black Americans. Senior Derbez had the temerity to declare:

The president didn't make a declaration in the racist sense.

Mexican migrants are making great contributions in the United States and their role is a positive role.
Note there's no mention of the illegality in how the so-called migrants get into the United States in the first place or the illegality of them remaining here. Secondly, the intellectually lame may interpret "great contributions" to mean helping American society do certain things it is unwilling to do, but I suspect Derbez's turn of phrase is designed to obscure the true meaning behind his statement -- namely, how the millions of Mexican illegals in this country are providing the corrupt government of Mexico with its second-largest revenue stream ($10.5 billion in 2002; $13.3 billion in 2003). We may get our fruit picked and our lawns mowed, but the "great contributions" get wired back to Mexico.

Not a bad gambit, particularly for such a corrupt government: export your poor ("half of Mexico's 100 million live below the poverty line"), your uneducated ("nearly two-thirds of illegals lack a high school education"), your unhealthy ("contagious diseases are entering the United States because of illegal aliens"), your criminals ("illegal aliens are 25% of the federal prison population") -- even your illicit drugs. Then let the country they emigrate to provide them with the welfare safety net ("Mexican households use means-tested programs at double the rate of natives, even when they have lived in the United States for many years") they cannot receive in their own country. Next, just sit back and count your money (i.e., the remittances), as it rolls in unfettered. It's certainly a better arrangment than taxing low wage earners or looking after your less fortunate citizens.

Fox and Derbez have a lot of gaul; but so do our president and members of Congress from both sides of the aisle who keep trying to peddle amnesty programs and refuse to secure our borders and reform our nation's immigration laws.

What will it take for a majority of Americans to get fed up and have the courage of their convictions that The Minutemen evidenced in Arizona? When will Americans understand what "El Plan de Aztlan" is and its catastrophic implications for us?

Looking for clues? How about Los Angeles, as but one example? As Frosty Wooldridge writes:

One look at California illustrates a successful invasion in process. What are the signs? Last year, according to demographic experts, 800,000 American citizens fled California. Why? Los Angeles stands as a clone of Mexico City. Slums, trash, disease, gangs, drugs, bankrupting hospitals, schools in chaos and about the only persons speaking English are Jay Leno and his guests on the Tonight Show.
But Frosty (and patriotic Americans like him) will be branded a "racist," while President Bush continues to kow-tow to Vicente Fox (this country's Co-President, according to La Shawn Barber).