Tuesday, May 31


So why must McCain go? Why is he all too often referred to with the pejorative "Republican In Name Only" moniker? Here are but a few reasons why (and in no particular order):

1) McCain's misguided "friendship" with Senate colleague John Kerry that caused him to ignore Kerry's egregious record of voting countless times against defense appropriations bills for major weapons systems, instead choosing to contradict reality in an effort to shore up the Massachuetts' liberal;

2) McCain's misguided, myopic view of illegal immigration and his colloboration with Ted Kennedy on legislation that is clearly pro-amnesty;

3) McCain's misguided negotiation of a deal (a "deal" by the way that sacrificed several of Bush's judicial appointees) to scuttle the so-called nuclear option and ensure that the Democrats could continue to use the Senate's filibuster rule to sink the nominations of judges to the Federal bench who failed to pass their litmus test;

4) McCain's misguided gun-control campaigns in Colorado and Oregon;

5) McCain's misguided antics in delighting in undermining President Bush's agenda, over and over again;

6) Fact is, Senator John McCain has undermined Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's authority, President Bush's mandate from his Republican base to install non-activist judges in the federal judiciary, and the Republican Party as a whole. He even went shamelessly after Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld during wartime.

Patterico has it right and so do we "Blogs For McCain's Opponent."

McCain must go!