Sunday, May 15


Well, he didn't get on an airplane and fly down to Mexico City to lead a protest against El Presidente Vicente Fox, as I suggested he do yesterday, but according to this Associated Press (AP) article it appears the peripatetic, publicity-seeking, self-styled leader of the black community didn't waste much time in taking umbrage with Fox's injudicious comparison of the Mexican worker versus the Black worker.

AP quotes Jesse Jackson as saying that Senior Fox "should not confuse the need for sound legal immigration policy between the two countries, which is important, and the border disputes between the two countries, with a spurious comparison."

Too bad that Mr. Jackson is missing the forest for the trees. The specter of racism is the least of our problems with Mexico, its leaders, and its patently corrupt government. We're being invaded and, in the southcentral and southwestern United States, colonized. A wave of humanity has crossed our borders illegally and continues to do so largely unimpeded. And our own president appears more in league with Vicente Fox than he is in touch with the vast majority of Americans who want tighter border security and immigration reform.

Jesse's chasing ghosts.