Tuesday, May 3


Donald Herbert, a "brain-damaged" former firefighter, who has been blind, "unable to communicate," and "with little awareness of his surroundings" for ten years since a terrible accident left him initially comatose due to oxygen deprivation, has awakened!

Seems his family has continued his physical therapy unabated from the onset, his wife remained steadfastly loyal to him throughout, Mr. Herbert was never warehoused in a hospice, and there was no ghoulish George Felos hovering about pontificating on the man's need to die.

Dr. Rose Lynn Sherr of New York University Medical Center said when patients recover from brain injuries, they usually do so within two or three years.

"It's almost unheard of after 10 years," she said, "but sometimes things do happen and people suddenly improve and we don't understand why."

If these sorts of medical miracles can occur even many, many years after a serious brain injury is sustained and such patients can "suddenly improve" without the medical community understanding why, then how is it that the immovable Judge George Greer, the unctuous, right-to-die attorney George Felos, and the two-timing Michael Schiavo were all so damn sure they had all the answers in deciding that Terri Schindler-Schiavo needed to die by dehydration and starvation because she was in a "persistent vegetative state," which many neurologists insisted was not the case at all?

Recall that husband Michael was awarded a large sum of money for his wife's continued rehabilitative therapy, but used it instead on lawyers in order to legally kill his wife, who was never terminal and appeared sentient. This poor excuse of a man didn't even want her treated for a life-threatening bladder infection or to keep her teeth from decaying and falling out of her head. Michael just wanted the bitch dead.

One reads this story about Donald Herbert and the outrage re-emerges all over again that a philandering husband and a callous judiciary could cruelly kill a hapless woman simply because she was cognitively disabled, unable to make her wishes definitively known, and her brain-injury had been deemed medically irreversible by the doctor a Florida Circuit Court judge chose to listen to, while turning a deaf ear to other medical experts.

Dreadful, loathesome circumstances and a nihilistic culture of death killed Terri Schiavo, not her brain injury nor her Maker. She, too, with a new environment, the love of a caring family, and long-neglected, much-needed therapy, might have had her own awakening. At worse, she might have died a natural death, years from now, and without having had to endure the agony of dehydration, starvation, and having her cold-hearted executioner at her side in her waning minutes of life, while her siblings were chased from the premises of her cheerless hospice cell.