Tuesday, May 17


If you read this post of mine, published yesterday, you would have noted a reference made to the fact that 25%+ of our federal prison population in this country is comprised of illegal aliens. Illegals are the gift that keeps on giving. Their first act in crossing the border is illegal and for many criminality doesn't stop with that act of what liberals euphemistically call "desparation" -- the poor, hapless Mexican national seeking a better life and better wages in America.

A "FreeRepublic" post puts that "25%+" figure in perspective in quoting a U.S. Border Patrol spokesman, Jose Garza:

If we were to prosecute every alien with a criminal history, we'd fill up the prison system.
You read it and tell me that illegal immigration is about Mexican nationals doing a big favor for the United States of America -- you know, filling the jobs that Vicente Fox schools us Blacks will not do.

This problem is huge and with broad-reaching tentacles. Americans had better begin pressing Washington D.C.'s "public servants" to do something about it. If illegal immigration remains unchecked, our borders porous, our prisons and big-city emergency rooms clogged, our welfare safety net subverted, our healthcare system overloaded, then our own apathy will be our own undoing as a nation and a people.