Tuesday, May 31


Houston is a "sanctuary city," as I have pointed out in previous posts. As utterly ridiculous as this policy is in so many cities in the United States, it is profoundly ridiculous here in the nation's fourth largest city, a city with a large and growing population of illegal aliens owing to its relative proximity to the contiguous border between Texas and Mexico. And this sort of thing (as well as this) -- direct threats to our nation's national security and our own security in our homes and daily, personal lives -- are among the upshots of foolish policies by government officials at the municipal, state, and federal levels and an illegal alien problem that is fundamentally out of control.

So now, in a major city with more than its fair share of budgetary problems (e.g., a "KHOU.com 11 News" story on May 6th opened with: " Because of a rash of retirements and budget woes, the city of Houston has had to tighten its belt and the mayor has asked all departments to look at ways to be more productive."), Houston's elected leadership has earmarked $90,000, in addition to $100,000 already spent, for a second taxpayer-funded day laborer site.

Fact is, day laborer sites are magnets for illegal aliens and don't let any public official tell you otherwise. What is it elected government officials, whether here in Houston or in Austin, Texas, or in Washington D.C., don't understand about the word illegal and lawbreakers? Illegal aliens should be rounded up and deported, not given city-funded staging centers from which they can secure work to maintain their presence in this country and to send billions of dollars in remittances back home to shore up Mexico's shaky economy.

Ironic, isn't it, that at a time when the Arizona legislature is determined to stop the public-funding of these kinds of day laborer sites, as part of a concerted effort to mitigate the deleterious impact on the state of illegal aliens, here's Houston going in the opposite direction.

There ought to be a law ...


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