Sunday, May 15


I'm seeking responses in my "Comments" section to this post (or send me an email) from readers of my blog who use the "Safari" browser, which I believe comes with Apple's Macintosh computers. I have received an email from a woman who sent me an example of how my blog looks -- all washed out and impossible to read -- on Safari.

If any of my readers use a Mac and the Safari browser, would you please confirm that you can read my posts okay. And, if so, do you have an idea (I'm admittedly not a techy) why she might be having a problem, so I can write back to her and be helpful.

Thank you so much for your kindness! I've never had this complaint before.

FOLLOW-UP: Frank Laughter of "Common Sense Junction" was kind enough to write to me last evening to advise that he had contacted a friend of his who uses a Mac and the Safari browser and that that gentleman, in turn, had checked out my site and found no problem whatsoever in reading it. As if that weren't enough, Frank also set up a test page and viewed my blog in Explorer, Netscape, and Firefox, sent me the URL for that test page, and similarly informed me that my blog looked just fine. Is that nice of him or what? Many thanks, Frank (and do read his blog, if you're not a regular reader already, as I am).

I have forwarded Frank's test page and the email he wrote to me on to the woman who complained that my site is all washed out and impossible to read. Frank suspects she needs to fine tune her "Settings." I hope she's able to correct the problem on her end and become a reader of "ACSOL," as well as Frank's blog given his courtesy to both of us. There are some very nice people in the blogosphere and Frank Laughter is a prince of a man.