Wednesday, May 25


Before this runaway story on the "RUNAWAY BRIDE" becomes fodder for tonight's news' telecasts and cable T.V. talking heads -- as it most assuredly will -- allow me this one post to ask a question of the Gwinnett County, GA, district attorney, Danny Porter: How many illegal aliens reside in your county and what have you and your department done in cooperation with federal authorities about upholding the law and seeing to it that every last one of them is prosecuted for law-breaking and/or deported?

Really, Mr. Porter, how is it that you got yourself worked up into a lather over this troubled woman's apocryphal statements to authorities that she had been abducted and sexually assaulted when you undoubtedly have far bigger fish to fry, so-to-speak, in your neck of the woods? Isn't counseling sufficient for Ms. Wilbanks?

I'll venture a guess: I'll bet you illegal aliens in Gwinnett County are costing the county and the state far more money -- and each and every year -- than the one-time costs to search for Jennifer Wilbanks! Besides, your search for her had more to do with the prominence of her and her fiancee's families than it did with any missing person's policy, right? Please, let's not be disingenuous. You'd think this was the Lindberg kidnapping!

Georgia had some years back the 7th largest population of illegal immigrants in the country (228,000 as of 2000) and since then has remained a magnet for illegals. Case in point: look at the city of Dalton. Latinos comprise 10% of the population of your fair county and account for 44% of taxpayer-funded foodstamps' usage. What proportion of that 10% and 44%, respectively, are here in this country (and in your county) illegally? This column would seem to suggest that you do, in fact, have a problem in Gwinnett County, do you not? Why, $34 million was reserved by your hospital system alone in 2003 to defray the costs of medical care for illegals! That suggests there are more than a couple of them hiding in a barn or out in that woods you thought Jennifer Wilbanks had marched off in to. Heck, four years after "9/11" an illegal was taking flight lessons at a flight school in Gwinnett County!

You seem to be doing a lot of grandstanding in front of the cameras on this so-called "Runaway Bride" story. I'd rather watch you on "Hannity & Colmes" announcing that your office, in concert with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, had concluded a major sweep on illegals and that deportion hearings were underway. After all, they pose a more serious threat to Gwinnett County, the state of Georgia, and the United States of America than a confused woman with cold feet who did what she had a right to do as an American -- get on a bus and go anywhere she wanted to. Why don't you leave her on the bus and get the illegals off of it?