Tuesday, May 3


Is Florida becoming stranger and stranger, as we speak, or is it just that it is a very populous state and is on everyone's radar screen (including Matt Drudge's) these days because of the Terri Schiavo and Patricia Lunsford cases?

When Tabb turned, he saw a man holding a metal rod and wearing only a sheet wrapped around his waist, a report said. He was yelling that he was "ready to go to jail."

Tabb got out of his car and ordered the man to drop the rod. He did, but quickly picked it up again and made a threatening gesture. Tabb pulled his gun. The man dropped the rod but shouted that he was "ready to die" and took off running.

The man tried to scale a chain-link fence to get back to his home on the adjoining property.

The deputy fired a Taser at him, but it didn't connect. The man threw dirt and rocks in the deputy's face, the report said.

The suspect made it over the fence, losing his sheet in the process and sprinted, naked, into his home, the report said.

Neighbors told Tabb that the man had several guns in the house, but the suspect soon came out of the house and was arrested without further incident.

I don't encourage anyone, by the way, to attempt to climb a chain link fence while naked. The climbing may not be so bad, but certainly swinging over the top to descend the other side could be unpleasant for a man!