Sunday, May 15


Frank Laughter of "Common Sense Junction" points us in the direction of a blog I have not seen before -- "Babalu Blog" -- and in it a well done post responding to Venezuela's demand that Luis Posada Carriles, a Cuban exile, originally from Venezuela, and described in some quarters as an "anti-Communist millitant," be extradited by the United States (where he is thought to be in hiding) for the alleged bombing of a Cuban airliner in 1976.

Carriles was apparently on the CIA's payroll in the 60s.

Hypocrisy abounds in this story, as "Babalu Blog" describes. Frank, in turn, takes a well-deserved shot at the BBC, and I second his observation that it has become a thoroughly "discredited rag."

Anyway, Frank has been doing a lot of solid posting of late (so do go to his site) and many of his links, as is the case this morning, have proven serendipitous from my vantage point.

POSTSCRIPT: Frank might enjoy this piece on the BBC, which I found linked by Lorie Byrd at "Polipundit." But, careful, Frank, as it will get your blood up, My Friend!