Sunday, May 29


There's a stirring tribute to a fallen U.S. Marine, who died a hero to his men in brutal combat in the Vietnam War, over at "Daisy Cutter."

There will be many fine tributes published in the blogosphere in honor of Memorial Day and the men and women in uniform who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedoms, our liberties, and this great nation; but, I cannot imagine any more poignant or powerful than that I have linked to here for you.

It is the story of U.S. Marine Second Lieutenant John P. Bobo and of his valor on March 30, 1967.

This blogger writes eloquently about a man who graduated last in his class from the Marines' Basic School, but finished first in the hearts of his fellow Marines on that fateful day when his company was attacked and out-numbered by a reinforced company of North Vietnamese. The heroism described in this post is the stuff of legends. The assault was repelled and fifteen of Bobo's fellow Marines lived to return home because of his conspicuous gallantry.

Read every last word, for those words set the stage for what this weekend is really all about -- honoring the fallen and praying for those who stand watch.