Thursday, May 26


Corie Schweitzer of "Insane Troll Logic" blisters fourteen sets of behinds in this post on the compromise deal that saved the Republic and the rich traditions of the United States Senate.

Writes Corie:

The losses for the Republicans are numerous and costly, indeed: . . . credibility down the crapper . . . further disillusionment of base . . . makes their majority status seem an irrelevancy . . . giving Democrats essentially carte blanche to fillibuster away now during Supreme Court nominations . . . on and on, blah, blah blah.

Less attention has been paid to what the Democrats have lost--and it might not be what everyone has already conceded. It's credibility. By conceding to this "deal" to reserve the right to filibuster the most extreme candidates, they have, in fact, tipped their hands that the slot of judges so far nominated have not, in reality, been extreme at all.