Sunday, May 8


In today's editions of both the print and online "Houston Chronicle" (the latter requires registration), there is a column in the "Outlook" section by Haskell V. Hart, a Houston-area resident and among the 857 particpant-patriots in the recent Minuteman Project in Arizona. Mr. Hart is a retired chemist and devotes himself to two causes, according to the newspaper: fighting child abuse and stopping illegal entry into the United States.

The most telling theme of Haskell Hart's column is that there's a common misconception about illegal aliens -- namely, that they are all peasants looking for work to support their families. To be sure, that's what the sympathetic mainstream media would have us all believe, as well as the President of the United States, many members on both sides of the aisle of the United States Congress, as well as countless state legislators. Politicians (both Republicans and Democrats), buttressed by a liberal, bleeding-heart media, work tirelessly to perpetuate the notion that these are simply people fleeing abject poverty in Mexico, Central, and South America -- people doing precisely what any of us would do if the situation were reversed. Goodness, you'll even hear this sort of blather from Bill O'Reilly -- a staunch porponent of border security!

Well, Mr. Hart, to his credit, dispels that delusion.

Most of the 335 apprehensions resulting from reports by the Minutemen were of drug smugglers, men in their late teens to early 20s dressed in black and wearing cut-out black stocking caps.

The smugglers hike over the Huachuca Mountains to descend into the eastern canyons, passing through home sites, to drop their drugs near U.S. Highway 92. Then they continue to a pick-up spot or simply walk south down the highway hoping to be picked up with impunity by the Border Patrol for a free ride back to Mexico, where they begin the trip again. The canyons are strewn with their backpacks, water bottles, stocking caps and other refuse.
Mr. Hart points to Arizona as having the highest rate of auto theft of any state in the nation and says that that grim statistic is largely owing to illegals stealing cars for use in drug distribution. He also points to how Arizona homeowners along and in proximity to the border with Mexico have been forced to arm themselves and buy watchdogs to protect themselves, family members, and property. One woman he cites comes home from work to continually find cars parked in her driveway being used by drug smugglers as drug drop points and with illegals in her yard using her residential property as an observation point. Should any U.S. citizen have to endure that, Mr. President?

Another "courageous woman," according to Mr. Hart, "who brought us (the Minutemen) food and coffee for protecting her neighborhood, packs a revolver because a mother and daughter were recently assaulted by an illegal alien while they waited for a school bus in her neighborhood in Hereford." And Hart continues: "Another family related to me that illegal aliens regularly try to get on the school bus in Naco."

This patriotic American concludes:

Any Patriot Act worthy of the name would have addressed this terrorism on our southern border, but the present act does not even mentiuon this border (there is a section on the northern border). You can expect to hear more from the Minutemen and like-minded people who seek a redress of grievances related to this outrageous neglect by their government.
And speaking of OUTRAGE -- read this unbelievable account of an illegal aliens' pep rally (my choice of words) on public property in Maryland by Michelle Malkin.

If, as a U.S. citizen, you're not fired up mad over the enormity of the illegal alien problem in this country and the indifference of our president and many members of Congress in addressing it, then it is high time you become involved. We're being invaded -- pure and simple. And our southern border states are being colonized.