Sunday, May 15


Now CNN has waded into the fray and on its web site today (scroll down to the bottom, right-hand corner) is asking readers: "Should Mexican President Vicente Fox apologize that Mexican immigrants to the U.S. take jobs that not even blacks want to do?"

Goodness! As of 8:30am CDT, a total of 11,742 people have responded to the poll, with 46% or 5,364 people answering "Yes" and 54% or 6,378 people answering "No." The former must be terribly naive and out of touch; and, I trust the latter recognize that Fox was out of line in his remarks, but demanding an apology for saying what he said is hardly the issue with him and the Mexican government these days!

If there's going to be any righteous indignation leveled against Senior Fox, it ought to be over the fact that he and his government have boldly and brazenly encouraged illegal emmigration to the United States. It is Fox's strategy to send as many of his nation's destitute, as many of his nation's criminals, and as many of his nation's unhealthy to us as the Bush Administration (and the Clinton Administration before it) will allow. And right now our borders are porous and the "Welcome" mat is out.

Interesting, too, isn't it, how CNN framed the question? Note they did not put the adjective "illegal" in front of the word "immigrants."

Sadly, this is all much ado about nothing. An invasion of one country by another has infinitely more import than a perceived racist remark by a cunning politician. Are some of you folks telling me that if Fox is penitent that all is resolved and life goes on?

Forget such umbrage! If people want to get their knickers in a twist over ill-chosen words, they ought to write the President of the United States condemning his remarks that The Minutemen are "vigilantes."