Wednesday, May 18


Kevin Whited of "blogHouston" takes dead aim in this post at the Houston Chronicle's Washington D.C.-based, left-of-Left columnist, Cragg Hines, who I, too, have posted on, albeit less so than I ought to given Hines' recklessness with facts and the truth. Besides, the man dislikes Houston area conservative bloggers and has said so, and, ironically, at a time when the Houston Chronicle is proudly boasting of three blogs of its own and claiming to desire a two-way interaction with bloggers. Hines' name-calling ("neander-bloggers," he calls us) and infantile grousing (claiming that there's a "Houston-area coven of bloggers" who have turned their guns on him) is no way for the Houston Chronicle to go about endearing itself to the blogger-community in our area.

Regardless, "blogHouston" does a nice job in this post and a nice job overall, and you'll find this site in my blogroll.

As for Hines, I read him. You know what Don Corleone told his son Michael: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

Well, time to go back out in the garage and fire up my broomstick, Cragg!