Saturday, May 14


"Blogger" has been giving me and its multitudes fits this week. Apart from the customary problems that continue with its use, there have been episodes of so-called "scheduled maintenance" each afternoon for defined periods of time (45 minutes to an hour), which the "Blogger" technicians have routinely exceeded. I don't pretend to any expertise in this field, but it has been my experience that I.T. departments typically perform "scheduled maintenance" during off-hour periods in order to effect the least inconvenience and disruption to users of their network, which in the case of "Blogger" is the general public.

That, Dear Readers, accounts for the paucity of posts this week from yours truly. Once again, the utter futility in trying to use "Blogger" frustrated me to the point of exasparation.

That said, I must admit to my own culpability. After all, I've been threatening to bolt for a period of time now, and so advising you, yet I have procrastinated. So I take both "Blogger" and myself to task this morning and apologize to readers of ACSOL for my low output.

Know this, however. I seldom, if ever, suffer from writer's block. But nary a day passes that I'm not impeded by Blogger-block.