Thursday, May 26


So now it's Senator Arlen Specter's turn to show for all the world to see that Senator Bill Frist has lost control of the Republican side of the aisle in the United States Senate.

WASHINGTON -- Emboldened by a victory in the House, a bipartisan group of senators urged Senate majority leader Bill Frist to allow a vote on a bill to expand federal funding of embryonic stem cell research and threatened to go around him if necessary to guarantee that the matter is considered.

The bill would repeal the Bush administration's nearly four-year old restriction on the research, allowing scientists to use government funds to experiment on cells taken from embryos slated to be discarded by fertility clinics.

Arlen Specter, Senate Judiciary chairman, said the measure has the support of at least 60 senators, more than enough to beat back a conservative-led filibuster that would kill the bill. Specter said he believes as many as 67 senators would support the bill, enough to override a veto President Bush has promised if it reaches his desk.

Specter said he'll first appeal to Frist to schedule a vote, but will try to attach the stem cell measure to other bills if Frist refuses. The bill's supporters include Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, who also called on Frist to allow a vote on the measure the House passed Tuesday.

So you aspire to be President of the United States, Senator Frist? How about trying to master Senate Majority Leader first? You have a long way to go. Seven RINOs made you look the fool and now along comes the spector of Specter embarrassing you!