Saturday, May 7


Senate Democratic leader (if "leadership" has anything to do with this man's conduct in this instance) Harry Reid (D-NV) told a group of high school students, making reference to the President of the United States: "I think this guy is a loser."

Then, afterwards, an apology followed. That's the tactic, of course: fire off a cheap-shot sure to be popularly received in left-wing, Democratic circles, then follow it with a phone call to the White House to make amends, and while the president is (conveniently for Senator Reid) overseas in Europe. That he chose to make the mean-spirited remark to impressionable high school students, rather than to a politically-charged audience of his own ilk is a comment in itself about Reid's lack of discretion.

Wonder what Senate Democrats would be doing if they had a Clinton-era comment from John Bolten that "President Clinton is a loser." You know the answer to that one.

Contrary to Senator Reed's preoccupation with the filibuster, what we need most in the Senate chamber is a phillipic-buster.