Saturday, May 14


It matters not how straight the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll, The Anchoress remains master of her fate and indubitably captain of her soul (if I may borrow loosely from William Earnest Hensley).

If you're a devoted reader of "The Anchoress," as I heartily recommend you be, if you are not already, you know that she has been under the weather since returning from a vacation cruise and is awaiting word from her physician on some recent blood work. She has received the well wishes of this writer and the multitude who find her writing captivating and through it have developed an abiding affection for her. We pray she'll return to good health soon.

But I must say her writing continues to sparkle even when her spirit suffers. There is just no keeping this lady down, nor her mind from producing some of the finest, most expressive writing you'll find in the blogosphere.

Indeed, whether you agree with her point of view or not, reading her is always "going to school" on how to write better. As is the case with good poetry, her prose oftentimes takes your breath away. She simply has that special something that marks writers of uncommon ability -- they who have the gift for the compelling turn of phrase and of an artist's sensitivity.

Her post on the nascent demise of "Pop Culture" is one such example. I read it several times and find that she's nourished in me an acute case of writer's envy!