Friday, May 27


My good friend Frank Laughter has published this post today on Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio -- a man who gets Frank's blood pressure up and for reasons that are all too apparent when you do an examination of Arpaio's self-serving posturing as the world's toughest lawman against the backdrop of his patent refusal to enforce immigration law and protect legitimate citizens from illegal aliens.

Indeed, if you're fed up as much as I, Frank, and a majority of American citizens are with our nation's porous borders and the attendant problems of millions of illegals being here and behaving like de facto citizens then you ought to read Frank's post and the two links he provides to previous posts of his. The story he tells of one of our military men, Sgt. Patrick Haab, being arrested and jailed for four days in Maricopa County for simply protecting himself when a group of illegals approached him in a parking lot is riveting and it ought to get your blood pressure up too! Too many people seem to forget that illegals are precisely that -- here illegally. They've already become lawbreakers once they're across the border and, as such, pose a legitimate threat to Americans. They're defectors -- people who won't fight the corruption in their own government and improve their own country. Mexico is sorely in need of some patriots.

So let me add to Frank's post and his two links with several of my own. Please take the time to read this material, as it will give you a deeper insight into all that's wrong in this country in our politicians failing to protect us from the illegals and their drain on our treasury and renting of our culture.

Read this by way of additional background on Haab's arrest once you've gotten through Frank's posts. Then sink your teeth into this well-written exegesis of the whole sorry affair -- a U.S. soldier arrested and jailed while illegal aliens went free -- by Jerome du Bois. Jerome is a fine writer. It's worth the time it takes to read his post.

I promise you if you get through all of this information, two things will happen. You'll appreciate why Frank Laughter is so fired-up mad and you'll want to sign this online petition (as over 400,000 Americans already have) demanding action from our president and Congress before we're totally colonized and become "La Republica del Norte."