Monday, May 23


After tonight and this altogether unnecessary "compromise agreement," the so-called Republican majority (in numbers, but not in clout) in the United States Senate is certifiably acephalous.

Bill Frist is no more a Majority Leader than I am an automobile mechanic. The man should be returned to his medical practice by Tennessee voters. He can certainly kiss his presidential aspirations good-bye. He has irretrievably lost my respect. His word and his commitment are no longer bankable. He lost the battle and the war. You can return those bullshit portable beds to the warehouse, Senator Frist. You were all show and no go.

What pains me most tonight is that I cannot get the campaign scenes out of my mind from last year's presidential race -- you know, George Bush out on the stump, arm-in-arm with John McCain in tow. McCain's an impostor. Bush sold his soul to the devil.

I think Senator McCain should go ahead and make the switch now to the Democratic Party. After all, he'll make a fine running mate for Hillary Clinton in 2008. He was not a traitor in wartime, but rather a hero and a patriot. But in the United States Senate he has become a traitor to the Republican Party and acted the fool in drafting this wholesale cop-out to the Left Wing of the Democratic Party -- the Party that lost an election, as I recall, last November. Just on his stance vis-a-vis our porous borders and immigration reform alone he ought to be turned out of office by Arizona voters. A man of honor when he was in the military, he now acquiesces to Generalissimo Vicente Fox and the human invasion El Presidente is directing.

As for the Republican Party, don't be sending me any more requests for donations. End of conversation!

As of tonight, I'm strongly considering re-registering as an Independent. I mean that.

Finally ... finally ... we have the White House and a Republican majority (not Republican-control) in the Congress, and tonight is what we loyal, rank-and-file Republicans have to show for it. We're still controlled by the Democrats.

William Myers and Henry Saad must feel much as I do tonight -- sold out.