Wednesday, May 25


Yesterday's print edition of the "Houston Chronicle" carried a short column on page D6 of the "Business" section: remittances to Mexico from Mexicans "working abroad" (translation: primarily Mexicans, both illegally and legally, here in the United States) may reach $20 billion in 2005. This is a projection by the Bank of Mexico Governor Guillermo Ortiz.

As information, remittances in 2004 are thought to have totalled $16.6 billion.

As has been previously reported at this site, that revenue stream is second only to oil exports. That is why Presidente Vicente Fox encourages the illegal emigration of Mexican nationals to the United States and why his government will never beef up border security to curtail the human exodus -- it's a money-making enterprise that requires no investment and is entirely devoid of social costs, and, in part, removes unwanted criminals, drug dealers, and the unhealthy from the homeland.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton can make all the showboat trips they want to Mexico City. There is no way that illegal immigrants from Mexico, Central America, and South America, are not impacting Black Americans economically. You don't have to be a genius to figure that out. And it's a pipe dream for them to think they're going to get anywhere with Vicente Fox. $20 billion talks!

You had better read this and then sign this. Wake up, America -- we're being colonized, pure and simple.