Monday, April 18



I published the post "DRINKS ARE FREE ALL NIGHT!" and, following the indication from "Blogger" that it had published satisfactorily, I tried, but could not (by clicking on "View Your Blog") get back into my blog.

I tried to get into it via Explorer, Firefox, and Netscape, with no luck. I went into blogs which have my site in their blogroll, but the links didn't work either. I then wrote to Blogger's "Help Desk" and have only received auto-replies from good ol' Blogger.

This afternoon it dawned on me to check my template's HTML. To my astonishment and consternation, most of it was missing -- just vanished. All because I tried to publish a post. I wasn't messing with my template at all today.

I have "ACSOL" back up now, but, as my regular readers can see, it's the old template format and a number of my blogroll links are missing. I'm fit to be tied and thoroughly annoyed with Blogger. It gets disheartening.

I'll work on it. Be patient with me, please.

I may just switch over to "Word Press," as I'm tired of the incessant problems with "Blogger."

UPDATE: I now have the right template back up, with the color changes, and so forth, that my wife and I customized from the original template. Whether or not I lost some newer links in the process, I'm not sure yet. I appreciate everyone's patience, although I assure you my patience with "Blogger" has been exhausted. As always, "Help Desk" at "Blogger" translates, as follows:

"If it is to be, it's up to me!"