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So if it is true -- what FBI and police authorities are saying now -- that Aiden Naquin's father, Ernest Naquin, sold the drug "Xanax" to MS-13 gang members (specifically Maria Cruz) the night his 20-month-old son was shot in the head by an MS-13 gunman, we should (we absolutely must) understand -- all of us -- what the drug is all about. It's important to know because an innocent child is dead and the purported actions of his father may have been the catalyst for the failed robbery attempt by MS-13 gang members that left Aiden Naquin dead, strapped helplessly in a child's car seat with a bullet in his head.

This tragedy -- this senseless and abhorrent crime -- may indeed be the result of an illicit, street-level, drug sale, sadly a common, everyday occurrence in the United States, and oftentimes an occurrence in which the end user is oblivious to the consequences of his illegal drug use -- devastating consequences that spread like tentacles throughout a community. You see, every illicit drug user, whether they like to characterize their habit euphemistically as "purely recreational" or they've long since come to understand through the downward spiral of their life that it is "hard core and habitual," plays a part in the evil that springs from drug trafficking and drug use. Everyone who populates the distribution chain and everyone who smokes the stuff, snorts the stuff, injects the stuff, or pops the stuff is complicit in all the sordid repercussions of illicit drug use. No one's hands are clean. No one if off the hook -- legally or morally in my book.

Illicit drug sales and the use of illicit drugs are crimes in and of themselves, but they spawn other crimes -- terrible crimes -- and the ripple effect of that degeneracy has become akin to a systemic poison in this country, a blight upon America. The United States is the largest, richest market in all the world for illicit drugs. And from the teenager who casually smokes a joint in his suburban bedroom to the street hooker who shoots up heroin with a dirty needle in a rat-infested flophouse, they all join together to breed a culture in which the life of a hapless little boy becomes all too expendable on the altar of drug use -- the sick religion of getting stoned.

So what is "Xanax" and why is it popular on the streets? Xanax belongs to a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. Xanax is the brand name for Rohypnol or flunitrazepam -- a tasteless, odorless drug that is prescribed for insomnia, as a sedative, and as a pre-surgical anesthetic. It is readily soluble in carbonated beverages. It is not sold in the United States. Doctors cannot even prescribe it here. Its chief effect has led to a slang, street description of the drug as the "forget-me-pill." Because users oftentimes experience "profound anterograde amnesia" -- i.e., being unable to remember their experiences while under the effects of the drug (a user can be impaired for up to 8 to 12 hours) -- it is used in date rape, in heinous sexual assaults! It is among the "club drugs" popular with teenagers and young adults. These young people are mindlessly popping a drug that is ten times more powerful than Valium! Ironic, isn't it: there's not a damn thing at all smart about street-smart people.

Rohypnol, commonly known on the street as "roofies," "ropes," or "ropies" is about ten times more potent than Valium and often causes a loss of memory, which is why it has been labeled the date rape drug. It is manufactured by the pharmaceutical firm Hoffmann-LaRoche to treat insomnia. Although it is a Schedule I drug in the U.S., it is legally marketed in 60 countries around the world. Sources for smuggled Rohypnol are primarily Mexico and Colombia, South America. It is easy for those vacationing in Mexico to obtain the drug and smuggle it home for sale or use on the street. It is manufactured in one and two milligram tablets, which sell for $5.00 to $10.00 on the street.

And Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States, has become a prime market for its illegal distribution, as have other cities next to or in proximity to the U.S./Mexico border.

So many insidious elements appear to have combined to kill this little boy. We have the illegal immigration problem that is raging out of control in our country. We have a street gang -- MS-13 -- that has spread to 33 states, is composed mainly of illegal aliens from Central America, and is so violent that it is the #1 gang in the land targeted by the FBI and a Justice Department task force. We have illicit drug trafficking, drug sales, and drug use -- a huge, sinister industry that plagues America and touches us all. We have bad parents and flat bad people afoot in the land and child abuse is becoming pandemic. We have politicians -- our "public servants" -- many of whom don't do their jobs, neither enforcing the laws designed to protect us, nor legislating tough new laws to countervail the menaces that grow in our midst.

All these elements were as complicitous in the cold-blooded murder of Aiden Naquin, as was a 19-year-old gang member from El Salvadore who allegedly emptied his gun into the windshield of Ernest Naquin's automobile that night, wanting both the drugs and the money used to buy them.

And yet, I hear no outrage, I read precious little outrage: the MSM has largely been silent; the blogosphere has published precious few posts. Toddler Aiden, buried in a blue coffin, surrounded by teddy bears, is yesterday's news, and even that news was scant and all too matter-of-fact. And the backdrop for Aiden's murder and the ensuing burial was perhaps the pseudo mourning of his father -- a father who may have done a drug deal at a gas station, while his three children sat in his car, a drug deal that killed an innocent little boy not yet two years old.

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