Tuesday, April 26


I relished reading this pointed post by Corie Schweitzer of "Insane Troll Logic", as I harbor similar feelings of indignation that my votes for Republicans and my donations to the GOP have left me all too often feeling thoroughly taken advantage of and without the results I rightfully expected. That we have a second term Republican president in the White House and a majority in the Congress and yet so little has been forthcoming from our efforts to effect that political advantage weighs on me, on Corie, and no doubt countless Republicans.

My big issue, of course, is the open borders' issue. The president has been a miserable failure in that regard. I expected leadership from him on border security, not photo-op sessions with Vicente Fox. His strong stance on fighting terrorism has been undermined by his abject failure in dealing with the human wave that is crossing our southern border and wreaking havoc on our society.

Thanks, Corie, for giving voice to a pervasive frustration in the ranks of Republican voters.

UPDATE: Way to go, Corie -- a link from Lorie Byrd of "Polipundit" no less!