Thursday, April 7


During the Q&A portion of the panel discussion on "Blogging The Revolution," held Tuesday of this week at Houston Community College (Central Campus), a member of the faculty asked about the efficacy of using blogging technology in education. I think I found an answer for her and, where else, but in a blog!

I was led to this link via a post at "Incredible Blogs."

Using Blogs for Education
I'll be doing an Internet presentation in the schools next week and was visiting a history Web site.

At the site, I was pleased to see that Tom Daccord is promoting blogging as a teaching tool. Here's what he states about this course: Blogging in History and English Courses.

"Introduce your students to a great communication tool that extends conversation outside of the classroom and provides many opportunities for shared writing as well. Blogging can be used to form a reading discussion forum or literature circle, post short current events articles and invite students thoughts, foster communication between multiple classes, post photos and and homework assignments online, and much more."

As an aside: In the county that I reside, the superintendant wants to provide 63,000 laptops to the students and teachers. Interestingly, he is getting a lot of resistance. I think the resisters should read: The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century. The future is coming quicker than we think.

I hope Corie Schweitzer, the moderator for the discussion, sees this and can mention my post to that particular member of the Houston Community College faculty. This link might prove useful as well.