Thursday, April 7


Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, has proposed that a new, permanent, human rights' body be established in the United Nations, one having far greater authority than the current U.N. Human Rights Commission and possibly the stature of the U.N.'s Security Council (an increasingly ineffective institution in its own right, I should add). He made no mention of his own failed leadership. Yet another bureaucratic iteration within the United Nations will not change its pattern of grave moral dysfunction in Darfur, or the grim toll that failure has taken on the people of the western Sudan. Fact is, as long as the United Nations has within its membership a large number of tyrannical regimes, it will be compromised. Fact is, the United Nations has become irrelevant.

FOLLOW-UP: The inimitable Victor Davis Hanson weighs in on the crisis of confidence in the United Nations. Hat Tip to The Anchoress for pointing to this piece!