Tuesday, April 26


This post on the rant-monger, Howard Dean, from "The Happy Capitalist" calls to mind this post of mine aways back, in which I wrote about the Democrats:

How do I know they're in trouble apart from their current fix vis-a-vis the White House, Congress and the state houses? Because their hard-bitten left-wing has done it yet again, chasing off another good man -- Tim Roemer this time around. Roemer gets it and they don't want to hear cool logic or fall in line behind a pragmatic, realistic approach to regaining the ground they've lost.

No, they want the reckless ranter, Howard Dean, in the DNC Chairmanship -- he of the anti-Bush animus and unrestrained vitriol. He's Terry McAuliffe with a stethoscope and a propensity for losing to match. The daunting Dr. Dean -- yet another dyed-in-the-wool liberal Democrat who doesn't give many Americans a warm feeling of security in an age of rabid Islamic terrorism. Roemer has ideas and remedies, and he sees reasons for the pounding Kerry took. Shame on him. Who wants clear thinking and objectivity, right? Meanwhile, Kerry contents himself these days with telling folks he's not a flip-flopper, while his wife drops the Kerry name. Even she's turned-off by the man. And when you say, "DEMOCRAT," the Pavlovian response remains: "Kennedy, Kerry, Boxer, Pelosi, Moore and Dean."

What I still don't get is why the Clintons didn't put up more of a fight to forestall Dean's ascendancy to the DNC Chairmanship. Maybe because they were so irrevocably tied to Terry McAuliffe, and, apart from his robust fundraising, he proved to be such a big-time loser in directing two consecutive failed White House bids for Gore and Kerry, respectively.