Saturday, April 30


Frank Laughter of "Common Sense Junction" and "Laughter Genealogy" published this post today, in which he makes some very kind remarks about this writer and "ACSOL's" focus on illegal immigration and our nation's porous borders. I'm most appreciative, as I hold Mr. Laughter in high regard and remain an avid reader of his blog, which I highly recommend and have in my site's blogroll. Get to know Frank and his thinking. You'll be as impressed, as I am.

We need more bloggers to join the fray and lobby our president and Congressmen for tighter enforcement of our borders and much-needed immigration reform. A starting point is to sign an online petition, as I have. You'll find it here.

Something is terribly out of kilter when neither President Bush comments on nor the Washington D.C. press corps asks about the illegal immigration issue -- an issue about which a majority of Americans is becoming increasingly concerned. We're being stonewalled, Folks!

Maybe a bunch of us need to become the equivalent of "Online Minutemen."