Saturday, April 30


It just gets crazier and crazier, and as it does I just get more fed up and more fed up with the irrationaility of it all. "The Immigration Blog" in this post reports that among others (the usual suspects, such as the ACLU, included) the "Texas Council On Family Violence" is lobbying the Texas state legislature in support of HB 1561 -- a bill that "would allow a foreign national to obtain a Texas' driver's license with an official document from a foreign government." Of course, you can lump "foreign national" right in there with "undocumented worker" and "undocumented immigrant" and all the other clever euphemisms for illegals who enter our country other than through proper legal immigration channels.

Read the stated mission of the "Texas Council On Family Violence" and tell me what connection there is between putting illegal aliens behind the wheels of automobiles legally and working "to end violence against women through partnerships, advocacy, and direct services for women, children, and men." Answer: just plunge a little further into its Web site.

When Congress passed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) in 1996, immigrants’ access to public benefits was slashed, but there is a provision that allows some immigrant survivors of abuse who have filed VAWA self petitions to access these important benefits. The intersection of immigration and welfare law is extraordinarily complex and further complicated by frequent changes. TCFV can serve as a resource on the subject of immigrants’ access to public benefits. It is important to note that all immigrants, regardless of their status or when they entered the county, are eligible for emergency benefits including:
  • Emergency medical care, emergency Medicaid, immunizations, diagnosis and treatment of communicable diseases, emergency mental health and substance abuse services,
  • WIC;
  • Summer food programs and school lunch programs;
  • Public education; and
  • Any program necessary to protect life and safety that is not income conditional (shelters, food banks).

Workers at these programs are not authorized to ask for verification of immigration status.

Get the picture? Hang onto your wallets! While the illegal immigrants are sending $10+ billion in remittances back to Mexico annually, you're defraying the costs of their public education, heathcare services, and, for many, their jail time.

Meanwhile, and in the context of an organization with the stated mission of ending violence, I suggest the "TCFV" take a hard look at the notorious MS-13 gang, composed of illegal aliens, that murder hapless youngsters, brutally stab police officers, rape young women and attack people with machetes. And, yes, they drive around in cars, as they did the night they gunned down 18-month old Aiden Naquin.

And I don't want these mindless do-gooders telling me that documentation from a foreign government will keep driver's licenses out of the hands of MS-13 members or any of the other criminal element among the millions of illegals who are in this country. Fradulent documentation is rife among illegals. Take the time to read up on the corrupt Mexican government and its issuance of "Mexican Matricula Consular Identification Cards" as a way of encouraging emigration to the United States.

Think this is just the rant of a center-right poliblogger? If you've stayed with me this far, may I ask you to take the time to read these excerpts from a "Time" magazine article on illegal immigration? This is a major MSM publication and its editors get it.