Tuesday, April 26


Here's an online petition I urge you to sign (as I have) if you're fed up with our porous borders and this country being inundated by and overrun with illegal aliens. Bill O'Reilly has been giving it a lot of play at his Web site and on his weekday television show, "The O'Reilly Factor."

I'm not always in Bill O'Reilly's corner, but I am on this issue and to his credit he has been calling for comprehensive border security for a long, long time. And he has hailed the "Minuteman Project," as have I.

Similarly, and in case you haven't noticed, if you'll kindly scroll down the right sidebar of my blog you will find a number of excellent sites that speak to the illegal immigration problem under the heading, "Vincent Omnia Veritas." I heartily recommend them to you. Another rock-solid crusader on the subject of porous borders and the need for comprehensive immigration reform is Frank Laughter of "Common Sense Junction." His is a site you should have bookmarked or in your blogroll. It's listed in my blogroll under the heading, "Quid Pro Quo."

Again, please consider signing the petition. After all, it's about "Homeland Security."