Saturday, April 2


"BlogsforTerri" is pointing to a "WorldNetDaily" story this morning that the vultures are starting to move in to pick the bones of the Terri Schiavo controversy before the hapless, court-executed woman is even in the ground. But, what else was to be expected given the way much of the mainstream media sensationalized a poignant American tragedy and gave support to much of the misinformation that formed the basis for her demise? Don't expect anything less of them in the weeks and months ahead (or from the perpetrators who sought to and prevailed in removing food and water from her).

WND reports that CBS is rushing to put together a made-for-TV movie and that rumors abound of a possible multi-million dollar book deal for Michael Schiavo.

Michael, being the honorable man that he is, and having already turned down substantial sums of money were he to have surrendered guardianship of Terri to her parents (because he found such offers patently "offensive"), will no doubt eschew making money off of his wife's tragedy.

Sure, and the sun rises in the West and Michael is "Husband of the Year."

And just as his ghoulish attorney, George Felos, won't accept offers -- lucrative book deals and high-paying speaking engagements -- to wax philosophic on the woman he exploited in order to advance further his sinister, death-by-euthanasia solution for dealing with the inconvenience and costs of sustaining the world's "less-than-viable" people.

Sure, and if you believe that, let Mr. Felos sell you some swampland in Florida.

George Felos took pieces of silver -- hundreds of thousands of dollars -- to make an argument before the courts, and successfully so, that the life of a hapless, defenseless, handicapped woman should be snuffed out and in a gruesome fashion.

That silver, in part, came from a successful lawsuit filed by Michael Schiavo for "lack of consortium" ($640,000) and, in part, from a successful lawsuit filed by Michael Schiavo for "medical malpractice" ($9.4 million). The state-of-the-art medical tests and rehabilitative therapy that Terri was to receive, funded by the latter, never came to pass, as Felos needed to be fed.

Both men are of dubious character and I expect both will continue to exploit Terri long after this lovely woman is in the grave.