Sunday, April 10


Rodger Morrow of "This isn't writing, it's typing" lost his mother, Lillian Narvett Morrow, on April 7th, and has had a beautiful photograph of her posted at his blog, which my wife and I viewed on Friday. Rodger is special to me because of his tremendous writing talent and because he gave this blogger support and encouragement early on, and has maintained an email exchange with me ever since! That means a lot to me. I have only met Rodger through his writing, but he's so good at his craft that I feel as though I have come to know him (as I hope you will, too).

Now he has added his loving, beautifully-crafted words under her portrait and his poignant post reads like an elegant, heartfelt eulogy from a son who appreciates the blessings he enjoyed in having Lillian Narvett Morrow for a mother and who has the dexterity with words to limn a more vivid portrait of her than even the camera could capture.

His post will touch your heartstrings. Lillian must have been very proud of him, as he was of her.

As Rodger writes of her:

A love for the power of the written word was deep in her, a love that gave me my vocation, that made me who I am. She put the poet’s fire—the fire Dante called il foco che gli affina—in my soul.

She was my muse, my inspiration, my music. She sang beyond the genius of this world.