Wednesday, April 13


A senseless, abhorrent crime occurred in Houston, Texas, last night and it is one so utterly repellent that one's outrage can hardly be contained. Indeed, it's one of those numbing stories of an innocent taken in our midst that makes just getting through the day and one's "normal routine" difficult at best. It shouldn't be so, but even among human beings, predators appear in the darkness and take victims, and they do so with "dead eyes," as if they have no souls.

What happened last night in Houston is so horrific that it makes you dream, over and over again in your mind, that you could become, with the wave of a wand, a real-life Andy Sipowicz for a day and have just ten minutes alone with the "perp" who did this heinous thing. Alone, just me and this thing -- this twisted thing who thinks he's cock-of-the-walk when he's got a gun in his hand and he's going up against a car full of kids. That's right: me and it alone in a locked squad room. Alone, so I could be 18-month old Aiden Naquin's personal avenger and systematically effect some portion of the revenge that is due the scumbag low-life who snuffed out this little man's life.

You see, I'm a part of that portion of society that has long since had enough with the repetitive daily news of monstrous acts of violence being committed against children. And I'm not about to hide my outrage or be embarrassed by it. There is not enough outrage any more. That's part of the problem! Too many in our midst act like sheep with a "just so it doesn't happen to me or my loved ones" mindset. It's an anything goes philosophy -- anything goes until, "like, something goes against, like, me!" Being outraged is not uncivilized. Jesus Christ wouldn't tell the Naquin family to turn the other cheek. This damnful act on a hapless youngster deserves Old Testament-style retribution.

Even worse is that too many in our midst think that their drug habits, if they'll even admit to them (or what they'll often rationalize as their "recreational drug use"), have no victims -- that they're just doing "their thing" in a free society, so "bug off" the rest-of-you and "give me my damn space." You know the "I'm not hurting anyone but myself ..." people-with-blinders. You know their ilk -- those too-cool, painfully hip people who think getting buzzed has no repercussions, no consequences, no chilling impact on others.

Last night in Houston, 27-year old Ernest Naquin loaded up his three children (the baby boy and his two little sisters) in the backseat of his car to take them out for a cold treat on a warm Texas night -- to buy them snowcones. As he was returning home around 8:30 pm CDT, a silver Nissan Altima that had been tailgating Mr. Naquin's vehicle turned in right behind him, right into the mobile home park where the Naquin family lives. Ernest pulled over to let them go around, but the driver of the Nissan cut him off instead of continuing on into the park. Three men emerged from the Nissan (another remaining behind) and approached Mr. Naquin's car. One was holding a gun. As Ernest yelled to his children to get down and simultaneously threw his car into reverse in an ill-fated effort to illude the gunman, shots rang out -- at least four or five shots fired into the windshield of Mr. Naquin's car and at point black range. Two of those shots struck 18-month old Aiden Naquin in the head, killing the toddler. Aiden, you see, was strapped into a car seat. He didn't have a chance. He ended up easy prey for the predator. He ended up just another murder victim statistic in America's fourth largest city. He ended up a little guy in a big city morgue.

The suspicion is that the gunman and his accomplices incorrectly identified Ernest as someone else -- that it may have been a drug-related hit. A drug-related hit on a car carrying three little children! No, you don't see that in the movies do you, or on "Law and Order?" In the movies and on television there's always some bullshit "Code of Honor" among the bad guys that averts the kind of blasphemy that happened in the dark of night at that mobile home park last night. In real life, however, bad people hurt good people all the time and there's no prejudice with regard to age, race, gender, religious creed, or physical impairment. The animals that did this last night didn't give a shit.

There will be no more posts from me this day. I could hardly bring myself to write this one.