Sunday, April 10


I hope you enjoyed (see my previous post) your first cup of coffee with Joe Carter. Now, if you're of a mind to heed my instructions, go pour yourself a second cup -- preferably a large mug that drains half the pot -- settle in, and savor this well-thought post of Corie Schweitzer's at "Insane Troll Logic.

If you're just full of ambition on this beautiful Sunday morning, then proceed on to this hard-hitting post by Frank Laughter of "Common Sense Junction", who points to the chilling implications of "the killing fields" that exist right here in the United States vis-a-vis the Terri Schiavos and Mae Magouirks of this world.

On the "Lord's Day," it couldn't be more appropriate than to pause and ask ourselves why a "Culture of Death" is being allowed to grow and flourish in this country? Surely we're not going to sit still for this and let the George Felos' crowd cull the handicapped and mentally challenged at will, or allow a granddaughter in Georgia to play God with her grandmother's life, because grandma's glaucoma is putting too much of a strain on her caregiving responsibilities.