Monday, April 11


This is an important story, because Cardinal Law's cover-up of sex crimes by priests against children in the Boston Archdioces was as reprehensible, as was his stonewalling during investigations of the pedophilia charges. While it is Christian to forgive, the gravity of what occurred on his watch was never dealt with strongly enough, in the view of this writer (a Catholic), by the Catholic Church, which only moved him to the Vatican, but gave him a prestigious position there. So I applaud the protestors and think it fitting that the outrage of the faithful in the United States be registered.

"At best, this is insensitive, at a time when millions of Catholics are trying to focus on the Pope's life and death. At worst, it rubs salt into already very deep wounds of caring Catholics and suffering victims," the group said in a written statement.

"Catholics across the globe deserve the opportunity to reflect on the life of and mourn the passing of John Paul II without the embarrassing, painful site of Cardinal Law, the 'poster child' of complicit bishops.

"Clergy sex abuse victims and their loved ones (especially the hundreds in the Boston Archdiocese) deserve to heal from their deep wounds without seeing Cardinal Bernard Law in a high profile position of honor and prominence in Rome."