Friday, April 15


You don't have to be an intellectual genius or gifted at divining political nuance to know President Bush's position on border security. He reads like an open book. First, he doesn't want silly inconveniences like passports to get in the way of prompt transit through ports of entry. Second, he doesn't want anything to impede the flow of illegals crossing into our country -- neither vigilant citizens, nor adequate U.S. Border Patrol funding. Indeed, the president is opposed to obstructing entry into the United States, legal or otherwise, but, curiously, he is not opposed to obstructionists, per se. As an example, he and a fellow Republican, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, are in lockstep in wanting to give the Democrats and RINOs, such as Senator John McCain, every opportunity to kill important immigration reform legislation, such as the "REAL ID" program. To be sure, what the president supports is amnesty for illegal aliens -- pure and simple. The president hasn't fooled conservatives.

President Bush doesn't need my vote a next time around. I understand that; but, the Republican Party will (and political donations, too). Let me put it as simply as I know how: if the borders remain unsecured, if illegals in this country are granted amnesty, if the Senators Craig and Kennedy "AgJobs" bill (S. 359) passes and is signed into law (or any legislation like it) -- if this occurs at a time when there is a Republican President (who I have twice voted for) and a Republican-controlled Congress -- then I will become an Independent and I won't go quietly into the night (nor will many, many others).

Border security and immigration reform are the most compelling issues facing the United States via-s-vis so-called "Homeland Security" and the post-"9/11" terror threat.

Some Republican elected "public servants" will have hell to pay if they don't figure that out.