Friday, April 1


The Pontiff is now reported to have slipped into unconsciousness. As the on-line edition of the New York Times is reporting:

VATICAN CITY, April 1 - The already "very grave" health of Pope John Paul II was declining significantly, the Vatican announced this evening, a day after he was hit with the most serious health crisis yet in his long illness. His long papacy appeared to be nearing its end, with screens and floodlights set up at St. Peter's Basilica as thousands of followers gathered outside in a vigil, and an international media contingent awaited official word of his condition.

CORRECTION: This headline is incorrect. My apologies to my readers. I previously misinterpreted a Fox Cable News report. Fox News is clearly reporting that the Pope, while gravely ill, remains conscious.

FURTHER UPDATE: It's 7:17 pm CST here in Houston (3:17 am in Rome) and Fox Cable News is reporting in it's bottom-of-the-screen news' scroll bar that the Pope is now unconscious; however, periodic news reports on the O'Reilly Factor, from a reporter at the Vatican, are saying the Pope is still conscious. So, Dear Readers, I'm at a complete loss and perhaps journalists beyond just this blogger are confused as well as to what is real. It would be helpful if the Vatican would provide more frequent updates, but that is not happening. Meanwhile, the prayers of this writer continue for a most remarkable man.