Thursday, April 21


Peggy Noonan feels compelled to mount a defense this morning of Pope Benedict XVI, concluding her column by writing that the newly-elected Pontiff is not "radical, or archconservative," and similarly not "an enforcer, a cop, or a rottweiler." Thank you, Ms. Noonan, for "running" to his defense!

Even Michael Novak has been provoked into responding to commentators in Europe and the United States who have, he argues, wrongly characterized Pope Benedict XVI as "an 'authoritarian,' a 'watchdog,' and, most peculiarly, a 'neoconservative'." And, as no doubt anyone who reads or listens to the MSM has witnessed, the progressive, liberal, secularist media have wasted no time at all in assailing the Pope, pumping out a lot of negative press before the man even settles in to his new role. The new Pope must be quite unassailable to be so vigorously assailed by the likes of these folks.

No, there is no surprise in the vehemence of the assault; but, there is no need for a chorus of defenses either? Let's just consider the source(s)!

Pope Benedict XVI is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church -- the Church built upon the "rock" that was Peter, as Jesus Christ, its founder, told his disciples. It's not a Church built upon a hunch, a caprice, a protestation, or the philosophy of a mere mortal. On display for all the world to observe following the death of the beloved Pope John Paul II and through the Conclave's election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger -- Pope Benedict XVI -- have been the long, rich history of the Roman Catholic Church and the traditions and theology it is steeped in. Unlike man's institutions -- even its noblest -- this one neither bends to the prevailing political winds that blow across the continent of Europe, nor does its shoreline recede from the pounding surf of mankind's foibles and machinations.

This "rock," this "Conservativism," these long-standing "traditions" were born of God and are designed to withstand, through His divine inspiration and blessings, the popular prescriptions of the day.

It must bother the secularists, the progressives, the nihilists, and the left-of-center media pontificators to no end that the Church has found yet another "rock" upon which its foundations will remain fortified and its theology stalwart. Pope Benedict XVI is the successor to Peter. Just as Peter could not be defined or discredited by the Romans, this new Pope will not be defined or discredited by his detractors -- the "relativists".