Friday, April 8


To segue from the solemnity of Pope John Paul II's funeral to the civil wedding ceremony of the adulterer Prince Charles and his adulteress mistress Camilla Parker Bowles in 24-hours' time is enough to test one's sensibilities. It's like experiencing free-fall in a runaway elevator that had taken you up to see the archangels before plummeting to the depths of a moral abyss and before you could even get off!

Just how does the "Royal Family," once known for its deep-rooted traditions and quiet dignity, sustain its prestige and the allegiance of the British people when it's mired in such slimy, soap-opera-like machinations? Even the planning for the big event has taken on the aspect of Prince Charles' and Princess Diana's marriage -- it, too, is reportedly a shambles. Indeed, the whole thing is a vulgarity heaped upon the memory of Princess Diana. Seems the prince has tarnished the crown long before he assumes its authority. This report confirms that ignominy:

Charles and Camilla, tying the knot after a 35-year affair that spanned each of their failed marriages, will join the congregation in reciting the strongly worded penitence from the 17th-century Book of Common Prayer, Reuters reported.

"We acknowledge and bewail our manifold sins and wickedness which we, from time to time, most grievously have committed," the confession reads.