Thursday, April 14


"BlogsforTerri" remains the best site to go to on the Internet for continuous updates on the case of Ora Mae Magouirk, the 81-year old grandmother who was moved by her granddaughter, Beth Gaddy, sans medical power of attorney, to Hospice LaGrange in LaGrange, Georgia, to die back on March 22nd. Mrs. Magouirk did not have a terminal illness, was not comatose, was not suffering a brain injury of any kind, but had been deemed expendable because of other health issues, most notably an aortic dissection and glaucoma. While at the hospice it appears that she was not given food and water (or at least adequate amounts to sustain life over time).

Other of her relatives intervened, principal among them her nephew Ken Mullinax, and ultimately she was removed from the hospice on April 2nd and transported to UAB Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama, where she is being rehydrated, fed through a nasal tube, and is currently receiving adequate medical attention for a genetic heart condition. She remains in critical care, but is currently listed as "stable" and is conscious and cognizant of her surroundings.

That's a brief synopsis, but again I urge readers of this blog to visit the linked site at the top of this paragraph to get the full details and in sequence.

Key among the updates is that Probate Judge Donald W. Boyd has withdrawn from the case and referred it to the state level in Georgia for any further adjudication.

Additionally, Beth Gaddy has finally agreed to allow certain of Ora Mae's relatives (Ken Mullinax not among them) to visit Mrs. Magouirk in her room at the UAB Medical Center.

And, lastly, and despite repeated overtures from "BlogsforTerri," Beth Gaddy has yet to provide a written account of her side of the issue.

The story continues to be covered minimally by the MSM.

CORRECTION: The dates during which Mrs. Magouirk was confined in the Hospice LaGrange should read from March 28th to April 9th.

FURTHER UPDATE: This WorldNetDaily story suggests that there's been an overall, favorable resolution among Ora Mae Magouirk's relatives in terms of visitation rights at UAB Medical Center. And it confirms that Probate Judge Donald W. Boyd has indeed recused himself (no reasons for this decision were given by Judge Boyd).