Friday, April 29


Am I the only one who noticed the president avoided any mention of the porous borders' issue or immigration reform in his prime time press conference last night? The MSM obliged him by not posing any questions on these subjects, but that's probably because the Liberal mindset welcomes open borders.

While social security reform, domestic energy production and conservation, and judicial appointments are all justifiably important subjects, I cannot imagine anything being more compelling than the fact that our borders are virtually wide open and a high tide of humanity is pouring across them illegally, inundating the land, devouring tax dollars, and straining social services.

The president spoke to his priorities. The mainstream press asked questions about theirs (you bet they have an agenda). Lost in the shuffle was the Number #1 issue in the minds of many, many Americans: how can this nation abide so many illegals, and the unimpeded arrival of so many more to follow, in a post-"9/11," "Homeland Security" world? Something doesn't square here, but we get stonewalled nonetheless!

If you feel as I do, I urge you to sign the petition, as I did. Otherwise, Folks, we just keep getting stonewalled by our "public servants."