Tuesday, April 19


Street gang expert Mike Knox says of the notorious MS-13 gang, now known to be operating in thirty-one states, that its members -- illegal aliens from El Salvadore and other Central America countries -- "... trade in violence (and) want people to believe that they are more violent than any other street gang."

A member of MS-13, 19-year old Miguel Angel Castro, being held by Houston police on suspicion of capital murder, may have claimed the life of Aiden Naquin -- a toddler who took a bullet in the head from one of five shots that Castro allegedly fired into the windshield of Aiden's father's car last Tuesday night, while the youngster sat strapped helplessly in a child's car seat in the backseat of the car.

According to this KHOU.com (registration required) story, "one of the signatures of MS-13 is its ruthlessness."

The story continues: "The federal task force says the last two years have seen a rapid escalation of the gang's activity, including at least 18 related murders in North Carolina, 11 around D.C. and 10 in Los Angeles. There have been dozens more around the country." Just in this month alone, "Officers arrested more than 150 gang members around the country ... in a nationwide sting operation involving six federal agencies." Nonetheless, the gang is thought to have as many as 20,000 members in the United States, although more conservative estimates peg their numbers in the 10,000 - 12,000 members' range.

Local authorities within the ranks of the Harris County Sheriff's Department and the Houston PD believe eight (8) other local area murders may be tied to MS-13.

Bloggers concerned about border security, immigration reform, and homeland security should be all over this story, but such has not been the case to date. No major center-right blogger has run with it. And the MSM, with the exception of Texas newspapers and television stations, has virtually ignored this youngster's tragic death and the possible ties to MS-13 and the illegal alien problem.

I'll keep beating my drum, but my blog doesn't have the horsepower to gain the needed traction. It pains me to think this innocent little boy's brutal death doesn't merit outrage in the blogosphere. Aiden's violent death should be the genesis for increased lobbying efforts in the blogosphere to get our president and politicians in both parties to heed our calls for significantly tighter border security and a wholesale rejection of amnesty (in whatever guises) for illegals.

UPDATE: Here's a KHOU.com video link on this story, which includes an interview of the parents of Aiden Naquin. It's heartwrenching. I hope my readers are able to view it without the need to register (which is what I did).

FURTHER UPDATE: If you have followed this story from its inception, you will note in the KHOU.com video interview of Ernest Naquin, Aiden's father, that he reveals a couple of things heretofore not mentioned or corrected in the print media. It had been reported that both of Aiden's sisters were in the backseat of the car with their little brother. Mr. Naquin now indicates one of his daughters was riding in the front seat. Aiden's age at the time of his death has been reported variously as 18 months and 19 months. His birthday would have been in August. Most importantly, this is the first I heard or read that the four men in the silver Nissan Altima were actually in view of Ernest Naquin at the snow cone stand where Ernest had driven his three children for a treat. That Nissan subsequently tailgated the Naquin family all the way back to the trailer park and then cut off Mr. Naquin's car. As three of the four men exited the Nissan and approached Mr. Naquin's car, Ernest tried to throw the transmission in reverse to avoid the men, one of whom clearly had a handgun. In drving the car in reverse, however, Mr. Naquin almost immediately struck a mobile home, thus coming to a halt. Readers should also know (previously reported by this writer) that Mr. Naquin has a criminal record and police authorities believe he is not fully cooperating with them in their investigation.