Friday, April 22


"" (registration required) published a story late this afternoon indicating that the Houston Police Department has arrested four more MS-13 gang members who, according to authorities, have "connections to Miguel Castro" -- the principal suspect and thought to be the shooter in the death of toddler Aiden Naquin. Castro is in police custody and has been charged with capital murder.

As regular readers of this blog know, I have been covering this story from its inception and urging other bloggers to give this tragedy traction in the blogosphere, so this little boy will not have died in vain at the hands of ruthless MS-13 gang members, most of whom are illegal aliens and shouldn't even be in this country were our politicians doing their jobs for us. Porous borders and a lack of will among many in Washington to deal effectively with border security and immigration reform may have had a part in this little guy's death. There should be outrage and widespread indignation over this! "Homeland Security" didn't protect a 20-month-old from a Central American gang!

According to's brief account, the four suspects nabbed by police "may have been with Castro at the time of the killing, but are not charged with the murder." Early reports of the crime indicated four men were in a silver Nissan Altima that had been tailgating Aiden's father's vehicle, in which he, his two sisters, and their father, Ernest, were driving. On the Naquins' return to the trailer park in which they lived, the Nissan Altima cut them off. Three of the four men purportedly exited the Nissan, walked towards Ernest Naquin's automobile, and one of the men -- now thought to be Miguel Angel Castro -- fired five shots at point blank range into the windshield of the Naquins' automobile. Aiden was struck in the head and killed, as he sat helplessly strapped into a child's car seat.

Aiden was buried this past Monday, as the "Houston Chronicle" reported (registration required), at a cemetary in Humble, north of Houston, in a tiny blue casket, surrounded by teddy bears. We must not allow the story to be buried with him.

Hopefully there will be expanded coverage of these new arrests in tomorrow morning's edition of the "Houston Chronicle."