Thursday, April 7


Despite the hue and cry from the Left and much of the mainstream media (and even President Bush) over the arrival in southern Arizona of hundreds of volunteers (often being characterized as "right wing" fanatics) forming the "Minuteman Project" -- a citizens' action group to buttress border patrol enforcement along a particularly porous 23-mile stretch of the contiguous border between Arizona and Mexico -- their efforts are having a notable impact, according to a Fox News story.

The number of Mexican migrants trying to sneak into the United States through southeast Arizona has dropped by half since hundreds of U.S. civilians began guarding the area earlier this week, say Mexican officials assigned to protect their citizens.

Minutemen organizers initially promised as many as 800 volunteers would participate in the monthlong migrant-monitoring project at one time or another. They say about 480 have shown up thus far. There was no way to independently verify that number. Authorities were not keeping count.

The Minutemen, some of whom are armed, say their purpose is partly to draw attention to the high influx of migrants across the Arizona-Mexico boundary, considered the most porous stretch of the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border. Of the 1.1 million illegal migrants caught by the U.S. Border Patrol last year, 51 percent crossed at the Arizona border.

Fact is, the Bush Administration and an indifferent Congress are responsible for this -- U.S. citizens feeling compelled to do what the government refuses to do -- and it is more than disingenuous for politicians on both sides of the aisle to discredit members of the Minuteman Project as extremists bent on taking the law into their own hands. Illegal immigration is a horrendous problem in this country and constitutes a serious threat to homeland security. Too many politicians in both major political parties have looked the other way for far too long now to accomodate employers who utilize illegals and to serve their own selfish political interests in building large voting blocks.

Homeland security is a misnomer and will continue to be so until something substantive is done to secure this country's borders. Interesting, isn't it, that the Bush Administration has been touting citizen vigilance as a vital element in winning the war on terrorism, yet it castigates members of the Minuteman Project for getting involved and thwarting illegal immigration. This isn't lost on the American people and for sure it isn't lost on conservative voters! They were rankled over the porous borders issue even before last year's presidential election and Bush's failure thus far in the early innings of his second term to do something about the problem is only serving to exacerbate that frustration.