Wednesday, April 6


The Schindler family held a funeral Mass for their deceased daughter, Theresa Maria Schindler Schiavo, Tuesday evening at a Catholic church in Gulfport, Florida. The Schindler family, those in attendance with them, hundreds of others who had gathered outside of the church, as well as people worldwide who had intently watched this personal tragedy unfold, reflected on the myriad ways Terri and her plight had touched their lives and no doubt strengthened their belief in the sanctity of life and, especially, their resolve to become proponents of the protection of the innocent and the helpless among us.

Terri's death, coming within days of Pope John Paul II's death -- himself a fervent champion of the "culture of life" -- had to have added a special poignancy to the religious service and the grieving of those who so loved Theresa. To his credit, the Pope had denounced what Terri's husband and the courts (led by Florida Circuit Court Judge George Greer) were doing to the hapless Terri -- namely, the permanent removal of her life-sustaining feeding and hydration tube and the gruesome death that ensued a lengthy 13 days later.

I will not forget Terri or what Michael Schiavo, George Felos, and Judge George Greer did to her. Nor will I forget the failure of the Florida legislature, particularly its Senate and most assuredly some of its republicans, to protect her; or that of the federal appellate courts and the United States Supreme Court, both of which turned deaf ears to her plight. Nor will I soon forget the democrats in Congress who were missing in action -- who could have done something or could have done more. What was done to Terri, given the ambiguity of her wishes and the utter failure of "due process" in the courts, was an outrage. And the method of her death was both scandalous, as well as cruel and unusual.

My proudest moments as a blogger have been in weighing in on this controversy and joining with hundreds of other pro-life bloggers in being proponents of life and revealing the genuine threat to this nation of the secularist, nihilist, "right to die" culture, and the activist judges who buttress it.