Saturday, April 9


I know we were right: we "BlogsforTerri"; we "ProLifeBlogs". We worked furiously to save the life of Theresa Maria Schindler Schiavo. We lobbied via our posts, our emails, our phone calls, and some among us were even able to go directly to Tallahassee and Pinellas Park, Florida, even on to Washington D.C., to advance our message. Despite our efforts, and tragically so, Terri died anyway, from 13 days of court-ordered dehydration and starvation. And despite our efforts, and unfairly so, we were derided for our work and mocked for our Christian consciences. The "Culture of Death" fired back and the mainstream media flanked us. We were dismissed as the Christian Right, mindless Evangelicals, Right Wing nut jobs, misguided moralists, and meddling do-gooders. Some of the language used against us was profane; some was utterly detestable. But we worked. After all, it wasn't about us, it was about Terri. We worked.

In the end, after the end had come for Theresa, and the manipulated polls that ensued made it all too plain we had been on the wrong side of the argument, the Right-To-Die activists and their sympathizers patronized us by telling us all we needed was to make certain we executed a "Living Will" -- that if our wishes were duly recorded in such a document all would be well, lives could never be compromised by the courts, and there never again would be the need for the sound and the fury from the Christian Community. We were told that and more.

The secularist-nihilists celebrated Terri's gruesome death, because in their minds her explicit wishes had been fulfilled by Judge George Greer; and, more compelling for them was the fact that no state or federal appellate court, not even the United States Supreme Court, had intervened to overturn Greer's decision to have her feeding tube removed. That, they argued, gave her death, and the manner in which it was effected, incontestable legitimacy -- the imprimatur of THE LAW. We had messed up; Congress had messed up; the President of the United States had messed up. Even Pope John Paul II had been egregiously out of line. The proponents of "death-to-the-brain-dead-woman" had prevailed --had been resoundingly vindicated in the process. Religion had been thumped. Secularism was secure. All was right in America.

So where are all of you "told-you-so, death-to-Terri" people now that an 84-year-old woman with a "Living Will" is having her life snuffed out by a malicious granddaughter and a probate judge in the state of Georgia? Where are you now? Where are you when an irrefutably sentient woman without a brain injury -- an elderly woman merely recovering from surgery for godsakes -- is moved against her will (contradicting the express provisions of her "Living Will") to a hospice, and despite the fact that when she was moved she was not terminal, in any imminent threat of death, in a coma, in a persistent vegetative state, or absent her mental faculties? All that was apparently wrong with this hapless woman was she had grown old, her glaucoma had been putting an undue strain on the life of her granddaughter, 36-year-old Beth Gaddy, and a probate judge without a law degree had decided to join forces with Gaddy to have the inconvenience eliminated.

So where are all of you now? Have you become too full of yourselves to see this contradiction in terms right before your very eyes? This is precisely what you told us could not happen if we listened to you and disengaged from our eccentricities! Or is it, as I suspect, as simple as this in the final analysis: the anything goes parameters of your "Culture of Death" advocacy are in full play once more and you're too exultant that the surplus population is being culled to remember what you beat us over the head with while Terri lay dying in that Pinellas Park death chamber?

Mae Magouirk hasn't been given food or hydration since March 28th. Today is April 9th. A granddaughter simply decreed: "Grandmama is old and I think it is time she went home to Jesus." Where are you now? You can try to stack the polls and manipulate public opinion all you want, but Red State America isn't going to buy this one! No, not this outrage! Not this time when there is no ambiguity about what is right and what is wrong, and what is Left.

Where are you now?

UPDATE: Please read the following.