Monday, April 4


What you read, hear and see in terms of the news each day, both here at home, and worldwide, can be numbing. You shake your head so much in disbelief and dismay at the insanity of it all that news junkies, like me, ought to be in permanent neck braces.

A case in point: this Associated Press (AP) story about the long-jailed gunman -- Mehmet Ali Agca -- who attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul II in 1981. Originally imprisoned in Italy for nearly twenty years for seriously wounding the Pope in the failed attempt to kill him, Agca was subsequently extradited to Turkey in 2000 and is serving time there now for earlier crimes committed in his native land, among them "for the 1979 murder of a prominent Turkish newspaper editor" and "for commandeering a taxi and an Istanbul robbery." Nice fellow!

But what offends one's sensibilities and thoroughly confounds one's notion of justice, is the conclusion of the AP report: "Agca's attorneys claim he could be released from jail as early as this year because of recent changes to Turkish law, although it was unclear if authorities would agree to free him."


I can just hear the winds of ratiocination blowing in from the secular Left -- "if the Pope can forgive him, why shouldn't society?"