Sunday, April 10


BlogsforTerri has posted the following information at its site on the elderly Georgia woman, Mae Magouirk, and including a link to this updated story from "WorldNetDaily. Her nephew, Ken Mullinax, has confirmed that Mrs. Magouirk, age 81, is now at the University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center, registered under a fictitious name. "WND" has been unable to confirm that information, so thus far reliance has been placed entirely on emails and telephone calls from Mr. Mullinax.

I sent an email to Daniel Baker, News Editor, "LaGrange News," late yesterday afternoon requesting confirmation of Mae Magouirk's removal from the Hospice LaGrange, GA, facility and her transportation by air lift to UAB Medical Center, but as of this morning there has been no reply other than a confirmation of having received my email.

The following is excerpted from the third in a series of three reports from "WND":

Asked to confirm that Magourik had indeed been admitted to the UAB Medical Center, hospital spokesman Bob Shepard, citing federal HIPA privacy regulations, told WND he "could neither confirm nor deny" it.

WorldNetDaily has attempted numerous times to reach Beth Gaddy, but she reportedly has changed her telephone to a non-listed number. Yesterday, WND received an e-mail from a reader named Janet Caraway, who wrote: "Mrs. Gaddy is not only my child's teacher but also a friend. You could not ask for a more sweet and kind and devoted person as well as a devout Christian."

Noting that Gaddy "has lovingly cared for her Grandmother for years," Caraway added: "She is nothing at all like Michael Schiavo and this situation has no resemblance to that case."

It is a little disconcerting to find two different spellings of Mae's last name in the same "WND" article, but I have been going with the "BlogsforTerri" reporting that has had it as "Magouirk," rather than "Magourik." Similarly, I have come across four different ages given for this woman (I used "84" in a post yesterday) by bloggers, which adds to the confusion and uncertainty over facts.

A "Google News" search at 4:45 am CDT this morning found no mainstream media reports of this story, which is consistent with similar results from yesterday. This has resulted in a nervousness among some bloggers that perhaps the entire story is an Internet hoax. It would be helpful to have independent corroboration of the "WND" and "The Empire Journal" reports via a major MSM outlet. Yesterday I linked to a "WXIA-TV Atlanta" report, which lent credence to the story and provided photos of Mae and her nephew, Ken.

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I'll do my best to keep you informed throughout the day.