Friday, April 22


Michelle Malkin, in a pithy post yesterday, directed her readers to her new "Immigration Blog" site, where on the same day (April 21st) she published a post she authored on the brutal murder of toddler Aiden Naquin by a suspected MS-13 gang member -- a story this Houston-area blogger has been covering extensively since the news of Aiden's death first broke (and with scant MSM coverage, save for the "Houston Chronicle," I should add).

The toddler, strapped in an infant's car seat in the backseat of his father's (Ernest Naquin's) car, was shot in the head by a suspected gunman, 19-year-old Miguel Angel Naquin, now in police custody and thought to be an illegal immigrant from El Salvadore and a member of the notorious MS-13 gang.

I'm pleased to see a major blogger-journalist of Michelle Malkin's stature finally pointing to this ghastly murder of an innocent little boy who would have been two years old in August. And I'm pleased she published her post in her group blog -- the "Immigration Blog" -- as this human tragedy appears to have very real ties to the unsecured borders issue and the dark side of President Bush's and Congress' utter failure to address border security and immigration reform. And, I should add, along with these issues, Michelle has, to her credit, repeatedly posted on the escalating reach of the dreaded MS-13 gang -- among the loathsome offshoots of this nation's porous borders.

I wrote two emails to Michelle Malkin, the first on April 16th, the second on April 19th, asking that she review my posts on the subject of Aiden Naquin's murder and urging her to carry the story to give it legs in the blogosphere. I felt that her reputation and sizeable readership would give this tragedy and its illegal immigration-related implications a traction I could not. And I was thoroughly frustrated, and had been saying so in my own blog, that Aiden's death was being woefully under-reported, both in the MSM and in the blogosphere.

Since there's no mention of or link to this writer or his blog, "ACSOL," in either of her posts, it appears she never read my emails. I'm sure she's inundated with thousands of emails and cannot possibly get to all of them. Regardless, the good news is the story of this little boy's brutal death will not go unnoticed now and be buried with him. Michelle's blogs are big guns, compared to the pea-shooter that is "ACSOL." I feel a sense of vindication, however, and I feel better knowing that Aiden's short life may have value now in placing in stark relief the dire consequences of allowing millions of illegal aliens, many of them criminals, to roam our streets with near impunity.

So, thanks, Michelle.

And my sincerest thanks again to Frank Laughter who picked up on my pleas much earlier and posted on this youngster's death. Someone actually heard me!

UPDATE: In the process of sending a Trackback to the "Immigration Blog," I discovered that "What Attitude Problem?" had linked to a post of mine on the Aiden Naquin tragedy. That was a pleasant surprise, but even more so was finding that "ACSOL" was in that site's blogroll. My thanks to Greg Wallace and do know, Greg, that I have returned the favor by listing your blog in my blogroll under the heading "Quid Pro Quo." So I have both Frank Laughter and Greg Wallace to thank! I'm sure the Naquin Family appreciates your outrage over their little boy's death.